Welcome to MedicalAdvocate.com. I hope that this site and our services can be your launching pad to making medical decisions that are evidence based and centered on your personal goals and preferences.

My consultancy, book, and blogs are dedicated to the ideal summarized by two sentiments. “No decision about you, without you” and “Learn before you leap.”

Why do I advise, consult and write?

Too many Americans die, become disabled, suffer psychological trauma or go bankrupt in our medical system every year.

Much of the medical care today is unnecessary, unproven or unsafe.

Even those satisfied with their care are often and unknowingly ill-served by a system whose incentives are not based on patient needs.

Most of the damage patients experience is preventable.

This is my mission.

I am able to help. I am a doctor and I have been a patient. As a patient I was treated like a doctor – I got all the care I needed, and no less.  I got all the care I wanted and no more.  You can too.

Steven Kussin, M.D.


About our Founder:
Steven Kussin, M.D., F.A.C.P. is the Founder of The Shared Decision Center.

He is the author of Doctor, Your Patient Will See You Now. His book was named a Top 10 Health and Wellness title of the year and has been reviewed by the New York Times, Booklist and about.com.

He is an invited expert on several national websites.

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Dr. Kussin provides access to, and guidance through, patient friendly, physician strength, unbiased and evidence-based information.

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Our online library is one of the country’s most comprehensive patient centered education tools. Have access to

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Our mission on this site is to reveal what most patients never see:the controversies and alternatives that exist for every decision, drug, and intervention.

Using the science of decision analysis and simplifying the complex world of statistics, this site and our services teach the correct sequencing of tests, therapies and specialist referrals.

It’s here that visitors will learn the true risks and benefits for any elective medical journey.